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Education and training



For us, education means educating to a global citizenship, making people protagonists in their personal growth process so that they are able to engage and act as aware citizens and triggering lasting changes.

Education is therefore an active and transformative learning process that focuses on solidarity, common goods, sustainability and which wants to develop the knowledge, skills and values ​​that all people need to cooperate in solving future challenges.

There are many training opportunities that we offer: courses, workshops and interactive courses for teachers in Europe, educators, students and teenagers.We develop Erasmus + projects for young people and adults in the name of pedagogical innovation.

Our pillars:

  • Solidarity and social equality

  • Nonviolence

  • Cooperation and sustainability




They are supported by the development of new methods for non-formal and formal education. Always looking for useful proposals to generate a collective vision that incites harmonious, collaborative and peaceful choices for the community.


Sorridente, studente in Aula


Aşîtî Games

Collaborative laboratory for the prevention of religious extremism.

Design Thinking
for education

Collaborative laboratory for problem solving.

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Corpo Poetico®
for inclusion

Integrated theater with diversables that uses the performing arts for inclusion.

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