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Mountain for the Mind

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Mental health and well-being were included in the 11 European goals for young people. They are part of the EU strategy for 2019-2027. The European Parliament, in February 2022, raised the need for the EU to respond to the impact of COVID-19
on young people and their mental health (plenary session of 14-17 February 2022 in Strasbourg). Research demonstrates the direct connection between restrictive measures and mental well-being, and it has been shown that the share of young
people with mental health problems has more than doubled compared to the pre-crisis level (Eurofound 2021) and depression, among young people, remains above pre-crisis levels, driven by problems related to the social dimension (loneliness, depression), limited mobility and physical activity, from being closed at home, to the cancellation of social events
(Eurofound 2021). This has led to major consequences such as a general sense of insecurity, decreased emotional well-being, and negative feelings, which in some cases lead to suicidal thoughts. Nearly two-thirds of people (64%) in the 18-34 age group were at risk of depression in the spring of 2021. The poor mental health and well-being of young people during the pandemic could also worsen, damaging their employment and educational prospects long-term. Furthermore, mental distress increases pre-existing inequalities for young people at risk of marginalization. The Youth Workers, therefore, need to deal with effective and quality non-formal education models in order to be able to give a quick response to this growing phenomenon.
- Provide outdoor education tools for mental health to Youth Workers
- Generate awareness of the importance of a green lifestyle, in contact and respect for nature
- Generate active participation in local young people.
- Increase the internationalization and the Eu network of the municipality and local institutions.
- Provide opportunities for inclusion for young people at risk of marginalization suffering from mental distress.

"Mountains for the mind" responds to the prevailing needs of young people suffering from mental disorders, anxiety and
post-traumatic stress from Covid-19. It is an opportunity to increase the skills of Youth Workers and professionalise them in
outdoor educational techniques in nature. Living green spaces with the aim of rebalancing and having a healthy lifestyle.
Discover outdoor educational models to be used in their country of origin with young people at risk.

The main result of the learning, the adapting and the creation of new non-formal activities will be a communication

The youth workers will create a three-months awareness program on the theme of the project on the institutional social networks, which will be shared in English with the participating associations and on the platform, conscious of the importance of not underestimating youth mental distress with a view to promoting healthy lifestyles in contact with nature as a possible response and prevention.

Facebook dedicated to the results

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