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BTW: mountain and green economy

The European Environment Agency recognized the true value of mountains already in 2010, defining them as the ecological back bone of Europe, in line with the recently defined Political Program EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL, which aims to achieve multiple goals by 2050, including a sustainable and neutral economy  in terms of carbon emissions. The mountainous areas could play a crucial role in the development of good economic sustainability practices in harmony with nature. "BTW-Green" project leads the young generations into the meeting with the mountain areas of Alpe Cimbra. It makes people experience the potential, the diversity and the recognition of the importance of nature, in order to increase an ecological attitude and to discover unknown entrepreneurs opportunities.

The municipality of Lavarone has a deep interest in the internationalization of the territory. It claimed the establishment of a youth council and is expecting to provide training opportunities in the area in line with European policies. It wishes to strengthen the potential of the territory with possible and innovative scenarios connected to youth policies and their transnational involvement.

The "BTW-Green" project is aimed at young youth workers who live or would like to live in mountain rural areas, looking forward to finding tools for a sustainable economy in these areas. They love nature and non-formal outdoor education; they want to broaden their knowledge in order to be able to dialogue with nature from a perspective of sustainability. The project is geared towards generating a strong network of youth organizations that support this mission by meeting in Lavarone in the spring of 2022 to discuss, learn and talk about how to live in mountain areas and how to generate an economy that allows them not to abandon the territories.



1- Provide young people in the area and the municipality with an opportunity to generate a European network;

2- Provide participants with good practices of sustainable economy and micro business in mountain areas;

3- Support the development of the mountain territory at European level and the opportunities for youth employment in mountain areas;

4- Deepen outdoor educational models useful for increasing environmental civil responsibility in young people.

Full title: 

BTW: mountain and green economy


Start: 2022-01-01


Finish: 2022-10-31

Programme: ERASMUS+

Sub-Programme: Key Action 1 – Youth Workers

Guide Download

Guide for Youth Workers

La guida presenta la sua visione e scaricabile in formato pdf. Al suo interno ci sono dei QR code collegati a documenti, ricerche e strumenti di outdoor education in Drive accessibility.


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