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What mobility activities are possible?

Key Action 1 is about mobility which would usually mean you spend time abroad. Mobility projects can cover one or more of the following: study courses, observation, job shadowing, training, and teaching. Overall, projects last from between one to two years, but for individuals or groups of staff this can mean activity for as little as two days or up to two months in duration.

Mobility projects are transnational, and so all project activity except structured courses or training events must involve at least two schools – your own school and the partner school(s) abroad.

To successfully apply for funding for a Key Action 1 mobility project a school should be aiming to support the professional development of some or all of the school staff, as a part of the school’s European Development Plan.

School staff mobility activity could include:

  • a teaching assignment: allowing staff of school education organisations to teach at a partner organisation abroad;

  • staff training: supporting the professional development of school staff (including non-teaching staff) in either:

  • participation in structured courses or training events abroad; or

  • a job shadowing/observation period abroad in any relevant organisation active in school education.

Who can apply?

Schools or colleges providing general, vocational or technical education on any level from pre-school to upper secondary education can apply. For information on who can apply, please do read our webpage on eligible schools if you have not already done so.

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