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European Solidarity Corps


Benefits of participating in the European Solidarity Corps

Taking part in a European Solidarity Corps project is a major achievement for any young person. It will be a plus when looking for a job and entering a higher education course. The European Solidarity Corps could be a new opportunity to engage in a meaningful activity that could prove to be a stepping stone to the world of work. At the end of a project you will receive a certificate confirming your participation. You can apply for it when you apply for a job or to continue your studies. In addition to being useful for your future career prospects, being part of the European Solidarity Corps will give you access to a number of other benefits, which vary according to the type of project you are taking part in and the section (Volunteer or Occupational) of the Corps. which the project fits into. If you decide to volunteer you will not be paid, but you will be paid for travel, board and lodging expenses and you will be entitled to insurance coverage for the duration of the activity. Before starting and once you arrive at your destination, you will receive specific training. Those pursuing an apprenticeship or traineeship will, in some countries, have an employment contract drawn up in accordance with the national rules of the country in question, and will receive a daily allowance. Participants hired for a job will always have a formal employment contract and remuneration, in accordance with local laws and collective agreements.

European Solidarity Corps - activities


Individual volunteering allows young people to participate in the daily activities of an organization for a period of between 2 and 12 months (in some cases up to 2 weeks). Participants can volunteer abroad or in their country of residence for projects related to social inclusion, environment, culture and more. Volunteer groups are groups of 10-40 young people from at least two different countries who volunteer together for a period of between 2 weeks and 2 months. The costs of accommodation and meals are covered. Participants also receive a small allowance for personal expenses.     



Internships are considered full-time work practices and last between 2 and 6 months, renewable once. They are paid by the organization responsible for the internship. Trainees develop their personal, educational, social, civic and professional skills. Jobs are full-time activities and last between 3 and 12 months. They are paid by the organization hiring the participant. Internships and jobs can take place in the participant's country of residence or abroad. If they take place abroad, participants receive a small allowance to help them move and settle down. Participants doing volunteer work, internships and jobs receive online training, mentoring and language support. Travel costs from the place of origin to the project site and back are covered.


Solidarity projects are initiated, developed and implemented over a period of 2-12 months by at least five young people eager to bring about positive change in their local community. Young people wishing to carry out a solidarity project in their country of residence must register on the European Solidarity Corps portal.

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